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We focus on creating high-value interactions for your learners, resulting in a high Return on Investment and results.  We simply do it better. 

VigXR is here

Vig now brings the same innovation it brought to traditional learning to Virtual Realy (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).  Our ability to bring immersive experiences to devices across your organization is here.

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Experience the difference

Immerse learners in environments and conversations unlike any training before.  Bring your program to a new level.

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Enable Exploration

Learn new skills faster. Provide valuable hands-on experience in a safe environment to practice and learn new skills.   

“This is incredible! You are really on to something here. This is the future. ”
Learner at the Orlando Autoshow
Orlando, Flordia
"I wish they had this at my school! There is such a need for this type of training."
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Auto Technician
Orlando, Florida
Device Agnostic
Learn Quickly
Integrate into your LMS
Yoiung female executive enjoying augmented reality headset with colleagues sitting at creative office

Device Agnostic

We leverage a unique technology stack to allow us to deploy experiences on the devices that make sense for your organization.

Businessman wearing virtual reality headset while using laptop against colleagues in creative office


We are able to host, deploy, and distribute seamlessly into your learning management systems already in place

Bring Innovation to Training

Increase Learning with Experimental Learning

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