Virtual Reality experiences that transform and inspire learners.

Unlock the full potential of your team with immersive, engaging learning experiences.

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VigXR was born out of a need to build, deploy, scale, and reshape experiential training with a high ROI for our clients.

Traditionally we have seen Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions be expensive with limited applications due to a lack of ROI. We are incredibly passionate about bringing experimental learning solutions to our clients where they  

Our team is filled with instructional designers from industries such as healthcare, government, defense, and higher education. As part of the Vig Group, and Educational Innovation Firm, we have access to the best minds in education to ensure our clients get the outcomes the industry has come to expect from The Vig Group.

We love collaborating closely with clients, crafting customized training that seamlessly integrates into any LMS, ensuring impactful and memorable learning journeys. At VigXR, we're not just creating training programs; we're shaping the future of professional development.

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Why Partner with Vig on VR Training

VigXR: Engaging and Immersive Solutions

Deploy learning solutions that make the difference for your employees and your customers

Unlock Engagement

Transform mundane training into learning journeys.

Customized to your Needs

Tailor-made to fit your requirements, ensuring maximum impact.

Seamless Integration

A cohesive learning experience that tracks progress and measures success.

Accessible Everywhere

Access high-quality training on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Data-Driven Insights

Detailed insights into learner comprehension and skill acquisition

Dive into Realistic Simulations for Hands-on Learning

We craft immersive VR experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, enabling learners to explore complex environments, practice procedures, and make decisions in a risk-free, virtual setting. Our custom-built VR experiences are designed to engage, challenge, and prepare employees for real-world applications.
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Augment Reality for Immediate, Contextual Learning

Our AR solutions bring digital overlays to the physical workplace, enhancing the learning process with interactive, context-rich information. From step-by-step guidance to performance support tools, our AR experiences integrate seamlessly into the work environment, providing immediate, actionable insights.


Integrate Cutting-edge Experiences with Your LMS Ecosystem

Beyond standalone experiences, we ensure our VR and AR solutions integrate flawlessly with your Learning Management Systems. Adhering to SCORM and xAPI standards, our experiences feed valuable data back into your LMS, offering insights into engagement, comprehension, and skill acquisition.

Engage with VR and AR Content on Any Device, Anywhere

Get great scores on Google Page Speed Insights, both desktop and mobile. Optimized for content, SEO and accessibility.


Experience immersion with or without a headset 

It's important to provide the same learning experience to those with headsets as those without. To ensure a high ROI for development costs, Vig ensures the ability to deploy immersive experiences that are accessible from not just a VR headset but also your computer.  

You can see a very small example of this in the demonstration below.

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VigXR transformed our approach to training. Their VR experiences are not just innovative; they're a game-changer. It's like we've fast-forwarded into the future of training!
Chris Salvo

Owner of Electrified Garage

Engaging, Interactive, and Immersive Training Solutions

VigXR will Transform Training with Innovation Solutions with a Proven ROI