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A Story Worth Telling

What started with a mission to revolutionize the educational industry with effective and efficient training outcomes that leverage the right tool, at the right time, for the right learner. 

We have not only realized that mission but are humbled to say that we have been able to do it at a scale we had only dreamed of through a client-focused, learner-centered approach.    

Vig transformed our approach to training. Their VR experiences are not just innovative; they're a game-changer. It's like we've fast-forwarded into the future of training!
Chris Salvo

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How we got here

June 2021

The Foundation: The Agile ADDIE Framework

Frustrated by poor training outcomes, slow development progress, and low stakeholder satisfaction, our founder built a framework during his dissertation that applied agile principles to the ADDIE Model.  

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June 2021
Sept 2021

We can do this better! 

Bad training, high cost, disengaged learners, and low Return on Investment were everywhere we looked.  Vig was borne to solve these challenges!

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Sept 2021
June 2022

One Year Later

We started to see some early growth by applying our model with eLearning courses and some early success with amazing clients we partnered with.  After our first year we had helped ten clients achieve their educational goals, including helping build a Biomedical Bootcamp for a Major Consortium in the United States.

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June 2022
Jun 2023

Virtual Reality and More

After watching the Virtual Reality market evolve for several years, Vig finally entered the market by using WebVR platforms to build and offer custom VR solutions for clients. We also started offering Learning Management Solutions for our clients using the same client-focused, learner-centered philosophies. Vig also did a little rebranding to create our current logos.  

Jun 2023
Sep 2023

Launch of TrainingOS

Recognizing a chance to support educators in enhancing classroom experiences through AI innovations and historical insights, Vig introduced TrainingOS.com!

Sep 2023

Solving Educational Challenges

At Vig, we're tirelessly innovating every single day to elevate our service to unparalleled heights, ensuring our clients and their learners enjoy exceptional educational experiences. Our approach, rooted in the Agile ADDIE Framework and a dedication to both client satisfaction and learner engagement, positions us perfectly to fulfill the unique needs of our clients with enthusiasm and precision.

What’s Next

Leading the pack with high impact educational innovation

We remain committed to delivering top-tier educational offerings to our clients by harnessing cutting-edge innovations, embracing agile principles, leveraging data insights, and maintaining an unwavering focus on achieving outstanding outcomes.

Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence
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